A meeting, a forgotten


On the rainy night of spring, listen to "meet is a song", so do that nostalgic person, love a classic old song. Meet is a song, the peers are you and me. What a beautiful sentence, so beautiful that we must shed tears. Those far-away youth, began to reappear in the rainy night, as if only yesterday, but why I changed the face early.

The change of face is more than me, the years, and many people walking along the Banks of the years. So many beautiful women are getting old with the time, when you think the process is slow, looking back but only a moment. Yes, it is impossible to do so. Spring will return in spring, flowers will bloom again, but once you repay your kindness, you will never be in debt again.

In fact, life has not been owed. Others give to you because others are glad; You give to others because you want to. Those who have given the thought to take back, why should you bother to care. I admire those who love the unrepentant, even break up, still can be easy to cherish. If all the people can be so tolerant and merciful, the dust of the world although the fireworks spread, but no more harm.

Because of love, listen to a string sound, the cheeks are red. How much I like that sentence: "life has long defined her style, too weak, is people's beautiful imagination." When she was young, she seemed to know that everything in the world had its own laws, just as the mountains were irreversible and the years could not return. Many people say that she is always as beautiful and charming as a dream, but she is more awake than anyone else.

She, like all girls, is even more dreamy than all girls, but she doesn't let herself indulge. She kept a clear heart so as not to hurt herself. So read Lin huiyin's words, never feel pain. Even if she is hurt, she will hide it very well. Maybe she will feel that happiness is the happiness of all, and sadness is a person's sorrow. This is not to celebrate the greatness of Lin huiyin, but some people are never willing to let others see their wounds. Lin huiyin and xu zhimo had a deep romantic love in kangqiao, and it was a beautiful mistake to almost forget their reunion. The vast sea of people, how difficult to meet, how to say goodbye easily. They are even willing to dream about not coming back to reality. Reality is like a knife that cuts each other.

Almost every day, xu zhimo searched for Lin huiyin. They talked about poetry together, so Lin huiyin must have xu zhimo's shadow in his poems. At that time, xu zhimo and Lin changmin were close friends. Lin Changmin appreciate his bones romantic poetry, but as the father of the Lin huiyin, he knew that xu zhimo is married, he and friend liang qichao had oral condition, had wanted to marry Lin huiyin to liang sicheng. Lin changmin is also a handsome and romantic person, he thinks xu zhimo can be in love with his daughter Lin huiyin, but it needs to be enough, and can not be related to marriage.