If you are tired, you may take a nap in the next month.


The sister who sold clothes was always so tired that she had to rest for a while. Remember a country old vet has a catchphrase, is: "tired!" As if someone had a personality signature: "let the horse rest for a while!" I say: "dear friends, if tired, why not take a nap of the next month?" Always do not over of work, money is always make not over of, the sort of "the car is not push" simply trying to live I don't agree with, the so-called "fight where there is life, there is more than" the spirit is commendable, but, if you can live and fight, storing and releasing kinetic energy that will not get twice the result with half the effort, so why not? The machine to a certain period of use is still a major repair, not to mention the human body of flesh and blood?

Today's world, neon colour flashing, the pace of life is often quick to let a person think too late to have to play, the degree of stress, the burden is heavy, maximize the pursuit of personal value and a desire for success, enjoy the honor and riches and honour, the family and relatives and friends under the eyes of the race to the top, success and wealth that is behind the considerable effort and hard, just the price tend to be heavy, perhaps is healthy, perhaps love, perhaps is the life!

To clearly see that life is limited, time can not be reversed, if is always not good at any price, in order to survive life only have once, I in life, not just in order to survive, some people claim to improve quality of life will have to pay a big price, next is thought, I of life, survival is not the only goal, still should have life!

If you are tired, why not rest for a while? "Lead pot Shang from action, Mian court ke yi yan, lean on a proud south window to send, its on the container." Tao yuanming, a poet in the jin dynasty, believed that only rural life could return his true life, and the rural life was simple and leisurely. Why not?

However, today's people can return to nature, return to the countryside can have a few people? Seems unrealistic, feel tired, find a quiet place to sit for a while, brew a lamp that green tea, a cup of coffee, about one or two friends on chat for a moment, but everyone can do a kind of elegant way of leisure. The most precious thing in life is not money, not career, not honor, not wealth, but health, friendship and happiness. In recent years, I have often heard about the untimely death of classmates, colleagues and stars. So, if you are tired, why not take a nap in the next month?