Misty rain deep


Back in wuzhen, the day was very cold, and began a rainy season of entanglement, lingering the rhythm of the rhythm. Watched grey tile along the damp on time, I suddenly thought of, this childhood good jiangnan town has had in a long time, a moment, I had a thin her again in the heart to depict the idea again. Look at the bits of memory in my mind and how much of the town is far from being.

From the station to the east gate, I passed the teahouse, and finally stopped in the wuzhen stage, even though the rain still could not stop the tourists' high spirits. Now is the afternoon, unfolding the "tsing yi not well-known shaoxing opera, step by step to do a tree of white, clear the rain umbrella open a bridge, that is a sensitized vaguely old appearance, but don't know the stage pantaloon can remember that sticking to his little girl whisper of shallow sing. The stage is splashed with red spatter, the stage is not known how many years. Under the stage, there are musicians' ears, an actor's makeup room, a ginkgo tree outside the house, and some people say it is the legend of the tang dynasty general. Biggest is looking ahead of square, square, under the stage in brought to stop prince, tang dynasty general praise nosed, MaoKun Chen Yuyi of song dynasty, the Ming dynasty, qing dynasty neo-confucianism Zhang Yangyuan all along the river towards the world stage and car, and we are familiar with Mr MAO dun Shen Yanbing long years of piccolo drums to shocks in China.

Stage beside the car along the river in the depths of the alley is MAO dun's former residence, is typical of the jiangnan water building, HeiWa white walls before and after the two into, as I also do not know when Mr MAO dun who also visited here, see the vast life path depicting only feel boring, can be arrived here once again, feel this is such a venerable three rooms. Mr. MAO dun had left the life of his youth to the eaves of the water, and the legend of the Lin's shop was played out more or less in the present world. There is a way that "the boat across wuzhen read MAO dun, midnight red light shine. The Lin's shop is now in the palm of his hand. Although it is an old landscape, it has become increasingly popular over the years. At that time, the moon was in the clouds, and now the moon is in the past.

From the east gate to the west gate is a long distance, I pick a quiet lane, sometimes in somebody else's backyard, sometimes in the lowland along the river, the every time all the way after turning on or after the noisy, and in walked into the depths of the alley is clean. This road, I think I have long forgotten, walk again but find the original with deeply embedded in the mind. Gradually it was more dark heavy, a few households have fueled briquette carry out, a familiar feeling welled up in my mind, I watched the smoke gradually mist shrouded in fog color in this town, those passengers come in a hurry and without exception hastily left the town, she continued her years ago ancestors left behind and way of life for many years, with calm pace looked at a party in the landscape, stage and the people of sensitized, things on and off moment I understand that she never forget the first river, such as blue serene.

It was very late when we reached the west gate, and cars came and went, and I hesitated whether I should go in again. Look at my brown yellow oiled paper umbrella if on green street, alley or eyebrow eye again, to see if two relative of wind and rain on the stone bridge with moss and gone to see if that a old house lattice window had I stick the paper-cut,,,,,,, however, the arrival of the father interrupted the hasty trip, he hung on the ends of rain, suddenly thought of a some snow in ho.

Wuzhen as now one of the few still has the ancient town of aboriginal life, there is no denying the fact that we booming tourism upset her quiet leisureliness, but we can't strictures, walking on the bridge, after all, misty rain, walk in the ancient quiet lane, walk on bluestone paving the way, we do get wet will also be able to see her soul.

How many number crunchers in four hundred and eighty temple, in the misty rain, may not fully portraying her eyebrow eye, but I want to say, after many years, I once again found, wuzhen - in my mind, misty rain jiangnan.