When the wind blows, it ruffles the autumn thoughts


Winding autumn wind, rustling autumn wind, west wind remnants, wind jade lu, beauty of words, autumn wind cleaning turbidity, purification gradually impetuous soul.

Hedgerows, parasol leaves, do not get lost, yesterday drips, but has been a thing.

The wind rose and wrinkled the leaves.

Autumn breeze clear, a school students. Youth do not know the taste of sorrow, only the eyes of poetry and distance. Packing up is the bag, not out of the eyes chiller system design. From then on, my parents only have their back, and my hometown only has summer and winter. May you live up to your dreams and move forward.

Autumn moon - Ming, the second thoughts of a custodian. The old road west wind thin horse, the feeling is overflowing, the wandering fetter heart incisively and vividly. Tonight, all the people in Ming dynasty, do not know who fall autumn, do not leave to gather, euphemistic moving. Born on the sea bright moon, tianya this time, all the care, all the nostalgia, all at the same time expressed, placed. The moon is the hometown bright, the person is the hometown close. We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though miles apart.

Autumn rain cool, three thoughts on the ancients, continuous autumn rain, sad whisper, yiyi leave feeling, wutong and drizzle, how a sad word get. But still, one leaf, one sound, empty step drops to Ming. Most sad, a lonely mountain drizzle. Ten years life and death two boundless Ultra V Lift, do not think, from unforgettable, thousands of miles lonely grave, nowhere to speak desolate.

Autumn wind clear, autumn bright, autumn rain cool, where not acacia.

A maple forest, a distant mountain, a river autumn water, a few traces of jiangzhu, endless xiao fall wood, number of egret sand gull, autumn si will have a touch of poetry.

Autumn wind bleak, always leads to parting tears. Naranxingde a sentence "if life only like the first sight, what autumn wind sad painting fan" wrote all the world's infatuated men and women deep sorrow. Li yu a song "spring flowers autumn moon when? The past is known ", wrote all the hatred of subjugation. Yi anjushi "red lotus root fragrant remnant jade dian autumn", gentle and graceful wrote the boudoir acacia. I love wang wei alone "after the new rain, the weather late autumn," not sad, not happy, easy.

Autumn is a profound buddhist sutra, vast, quiet, yi-bian, gorgeous and lonely, silent, silent, zen.

Under the east fence, you see the south mountain. One mountain, one water, one hut. A pipe of cave xiao, a guqin, a music, let the soul wander among the clouds, a blow, a play is the cool autumn air.

Autumn wind through the rustle of leaves, sweet-scented osmanthus landing, looking for natural sounds, the heart of the van. Put everything down master of orthopaedics hong kong. As the wind sent white clouds, as the autumn water even wave, as sunrises sunset, the heart is also safe.

In the autumn wind, Richard clayderman's private words of autumn play out the fairy tale of autumn: please remember my most brilliant smile, please keep your most affectionate sight, hands together, pray for heaven, give us a lifetime of love.